It may be that you don't want or need a regular service on your bike (although I'm likely to explain why it is important if you want your bike to last).  This is especially true of children's bikes and cheaper adult bikes used occasionally for leisure.

If this is the case, but something is clearly not right, I can diagnose the problem for you and if it's humanly possible, fix it.  I can also repair scooter and buggy wheels - in fact pretty much anything that's 'bike-like'.

Some of the most common repairs are listed below, but for anything else, please contact me.

Common Repairs

Replace/fit brake blocks, pads or inserts
£6 front/rear, £10 both
Replace/fit tyre and/or tube
£5 front, £7.50 rear
Headset service/replacement
Bottom bracket service/replacement
Wheel true
from £15
Wheel bearing service/replacement
£15 front, £17.50 rear
Wheel axle replacement
Chain replacement
Rear sprocket/cassette/freewheel replacement (aka gears!)
Chainset/chainring replacement
Derailleur service/replacement

*standard cost - prices vary for specialist equipment and/or particularly awkward variations

Labour Rates

£30 per hour (charged per 15 minutes)

£10 on-site/collect and return surcharge

£20 own part surcharge (you're more than welcome to source your own parts, but it means I can't discount the labour charge)


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